Re: Accidental Activation

Yes, you will still be able to activate.


"If you overhaul your computer by replacing a substantial number of hardware
components, it may appear to be a different PC. You may have to reactivate
Windows XP. If this should occur, you can call the telephone number
displayed on the activation screen to reactivate the software."

Hope this helps

Patrick Elliott

Have you run WindowsUpdate lately?
Visit to be sure Windows is up to date.

"Vernon" <Labasda@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I just set up a new computer with Windows XP. I was having problems
> with my video card so was waiting to get it RMA'ed and returned before
> activating windows. I had deleted and messed up some other things in
> an attempt to find the problem which turned out to be hardware so
> wanted to do a clean reformat and install before actiating. Anyway,
> my wife used the computer to check a date in September. She did not
> click "Apply" on the calandar but must have clicked "Ok" because on
> the next boot up I has to activate Windows XP. I still had three weeks
> left of the 30 days.
> What ticks me off is that I was constantly reminded (seemed like every
> minute) to activate even though I set the option to remind me every
> few days. Then when the calandar gets set ahead accidently, there is
> no reminder about activation. WXP simply won't let me log on until I
> activate. I can't belive the developers didn't set the activation for
> 30 days based on a count of days that it was used rather than the
> calandar date. I guess on the 29th day you should be able to set your
> calandar back a month and have the time-to-activate start over at 30
> days.
> So my question, once I get my video card repaired and reformat, am I
> going to be able to activate again?