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Date: 12/24/04

Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 19:39:28 -0500

How to Troubleshoot Windows XP Problems During Installation;EN-US;310064

How to troubleshoot problems during installation when you upgrade from
Windows 98
or Windows Millennium Edition to Windows XP;en-us;310064&Product=winxp

Troubleshooting Windows XP Setup

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"Aradia" <> wrote in message
> I have recently tried to upgrade from Windows ME to XP.
> After several unsuccessful attempts to actually get it installed, I
> I had managed, as XP loaded once (the upgrade CDROM was still in the
> and I now wonder whether it simply booted from that).  Each time I attempt
> start the PC now, I get the message that windows needs to check the files,
> for something to do with FAT32 (this is prior to windows loading).  I
> this to run through - which took about 48 hours, and it told me that it
> repaired several files etc, then rebooted - and gave me exactly the same
> message.  If I cancel the check, the PC simply reboots again - and
> the same message, and when I run the check (which now completes within a
> minutes), it again just reboots, so I can't actually get it to run
> I don't know whether it is linked, but I ran Scandisk in ME, as it
> me to each time I loaded, and this too took around 48 hours to complete.
> this likely to be an error on the Hard Drive?  I can however reinstall ME,
> and it works perfectly now.
> Does anyone have any suggestions about how I can get over this problem?

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