Re: Configuring WinXP as Gateway router


This is what I've tried:

Attempted to clone the MAC address of the Wireless Card onto the MAC Bridge
Miniport and vice verse.

Not 100% certain of my procedure, but didn't wreck anything. Still cannot
internet when bridged.

I think the problem is in my device instance id compatabilities. Do you know
whether the device instance id's can be changed to THE compatible one

Is that necessary? If I do that, will I be able to admin the MAC?(I will be
researching this too, btw.)

The problem seems to be that the LAN card doesn't allow locally administered
MAC. The WLAN does, but the config doesn't seem to work.

00904B24C6C9 old wireless MAC

020BDBA30BC6 MAC bridge miniport??

000BDBA30BC6 old ethernet MAC

This is my WLAN Device Instance Id:


These are compatible Id's:


This is my LAN Device Instance Id:


These are compatible Id's:



"Psycho-billy" wrote:


I don't have config access to the gateway, and yes, there are several other
computers attached to the LAN, but they aren't mine either.

I double-checked the network map as well as possible. No other machine has
the address, but some, including the old name for my W2K
machine, show hostnames instead of IP addresses, so I can't be too sure.

I'll contact the LAN manager and see if that can't be cleaned up a bit, and
then try some add'l IP addresses.

At bottom, though, I've been around the world on this thing and it comes
down to the fact that the bridge causes loss of internet connection. If I
setup through IE before I make the bridge - no connection; if I try IE setup
after the bridge, it gets torn down. And when I try to share the connection,
it conflicts with the address on the gateway, which I can't

I don't know of a router that will work with this hardware configuration,
and have thought of using a DSL modem - gateway config. More fun!

Larry Marquardt

"James Egan" wrote:

On Mon, 24 Nov 2008 08:22:02 -0800, Psycho-billy
<Psychobilly@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

When I have the bridge set up and use the IE connections setup Wizard, using
the "this computer connects through a residential gateway, or another
device," the bridge is automatically removed, and I must reboot both machines
to re-establish my LAN connectins and internet connectivity. Here is my
present configuration:

I don't know why the bridge gets zapped when you connect through a
residential gateway. If you can't get it to work I can only suggest
that you try routing instead but that depends on you having
configuration access to your gateway device at

All the ipconfig information you posted is as expected with your
wireless card getting its ip address by dhcp from the
gateway device. The xp wired adaptor and the w2k wired adaptor both
have automatic (apipa) addesses because they are not in contact with
the dhcp server on your gateway device.

If you can configure the gateway device to add a static route, you can
resolve the issue by following the routing instructions in my earlier

How many other computers are on your network? The current node address
of 87 for the xp wireless gives me the impression that there are
already lots of other computers on the network which you have to avoid
conflicts with though it might just be a case of your gateway device
using an unusual dhcp pool.

If there are other computers on the network you might have to alter
the static ip address ( that I sugggested using for the xp
wireless to avoid conflicts.

Look at the configuration settings of your gateway device to see what
the range of ip addresses it is set to use in its dhcp pool. With that
information and details of the other computers on your network I can
give you some adjusted instructions if necessary.