Re: Workgroup PC doesn't see itself....

File and printer sharing is enabled on a machines. What puzzles me is why
the other two members of the workgroup can see the laptop, but it can't see

I have Windows Firewall disabled on that machine. I'm running ESET Smart
Security Suite. The configuation is the same on all 3 machines.

I disabled ESET's firewall on the difference.

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Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've seen this problem in the past, and found a solution, but after
much seaching I can't find a solution this time around. Sooooo....

I have a home office network consisting of 2 desktop machines and 1
laptop, all running WinXP Pro SP3. The network is a Workgroup and
each machine has a unique name in the same Workgroup.

The laptop doesn't see itself or any other members of the Workgroup,
yet the other members see the laptop and can access the laptop's
shared drive.
If I click on My Network Places > View workgroup computers on the
laptop and get an access denied, contact network administrator error
message. This from an administrator account on the laptop.

How can I get this machine to see itself and the other members of my



Make sure that file & printer sharing is enabled on all PCs, and that an
exception for same is set in the Windows Firewall on each