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Well thanks to you Malke I have got it working from Latop to my desk top PC.
It can't see it the other way round but I am not too bothered as the desktop
is the main source of material to be shared to my friend's laptop and my own.
I got the printer working as well after changing the default to the desktop
(I used to swap the cable over before but can now do it wirelessly. The main
problem as you so rightly hit on straight away was the Firewall. Once I had
sorted out the names of the PCs and the groups etc. it all fell into place. I
knew I was in the right direction with that when I switched off the firewalls
on both machines and it worked; then it was only, I say only but for me it
was a struggle, had to make the partners trusting.
Thanks again

"Malke" wrote:

Charlie3110 wrote:

Hi Malke
Whilst my friend is on his travels again i thought I would try to set up
the network between my own laptop and desktop. I have run the wizards to a
conclusion and I have told Norton to trust the computer physical address
of the other member of the network. However when I go into My network
Places when we had sharing before it all went wrong, all of the shared
folders on the other computer became visible. Now I have an icon on the
laptop with the laptop name (charlie) but nothing on the desktop (brian)
if I then click on View Workgroup Computers I get the error message MShome
is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network
resource. Contact the administrator or this server to find out if you have
access permissions. The list of servers for this workgroup is not
available. I am the administrator aren't I? I have no passwords or shared
use of this PC or my Laptop. I can use my laptop wirelessly to the
internet through the wireless router that is connected to the Desktop with
an Ethernet cable. Any ideas what to do nnow?

1. Create matching user accounts and passwords on all machines. You do not
need to be logged into the same account on all machines and the passwords
assigned to each user account can be different; the accounts/passwords just
need to exist and match on all machines. If you wish a machine to boot
directly to the Desktop (into one particular user's account) for
convenience, you can do this. The instructions at this link work for both
XP and Vista:

Configure Windows to Automatically Login (MVP Ramesh) -

2. Check the firewall again on the machine giving the access denied error.

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