Re: Problems with file sharing between 3 computers on a wired LAN

Sorry for the delay, I had to shelve the problem solving for a while to get
some work done.

I've done some more testing and there are two problems on the same pc which
is running windows xp pro. The two laptops can share files from each other
and the desktop pc can also read those files on the laptops. The only file
sharing problem is that the laptops can't read anything on the pc.

There's also another problem on this pc which may be related. I use Outlook
to send my emails and I can't send any emails with attachments. I can receive
attachments ok but sending attachments usually times out with a TCP/IP error
message. The two laptops use the same version of Outlook and don't have any

Any ideas?

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I am trying to get three computers to file share on a wired LAN but I am
experiencing problems. All three computers are running Windows XP and are
fully up to date. All three can connect to the internet through the router
without any problems. Connection between the computers works as I've tested
it using the ping command.

The problem is that when I try to access a file on another computer I get
lots of 'Program not responding' errors. This isn't just restricted to one
particular pc or to one particular type of file or program. Sometimes I can
open a shared folder over the LAN and everything works fine, other times it
all grinds to a halt.

Has anyone else had similar problems?


The error message "program not responding" isn't commonly seen here. What's the
exact text of the message? Can you give a more useful description of when you
get the message?

Do you see any entries in Event Viewer?

And BTW, just because you can ping one computer from another, don't assume that
you don't have a firewall problem.

Hi Chuck,

I've done some more testing. I've tried hooking up two computers through the
router with the phone line unplugged and the firewalls turned off. This
doesn't seem to make any difference so I would say that the firewalls aren't
causing the problem.

I've looked at the event viewer and it doesn't show anything when the
programs fail to respond.

The program not responding error is from the task manager window. If I open
that and monitor which programs and files are running, when I try to access a
shared file it often changes from running to not responding.


If you do any reading here, you'll find that firewall problems, even when they
are turned off (what make and model is turned off, anyway??), are unbelievably
complex, and hard to detect. But we'll look in another direction, to start.

Let's start with logs from "browstat status", "ipconfig /all", "net config
server", and "net config workstation", from each computer. Read this article,
and linked articles, and follow instructions precisely (download browstat!):
Hi Chuck,

Here's the info you asked for:


OK, Rich. Not a lot of interest here. You have 2 computers (where's the 3rd,
how does it fit in?), both using NetBT and SMB, both in the same workgroup and
recognising the same master browser.

You indicate that RICHARDSOFFICE is running XP Pro. Is it using Simple, or
Advanced File Sharing? If Advanced, is the Guest account, or a non-Guest
account, used for sharing?

Maybe if you connect the 3rd, and ran diagnostics on all 3, we'd see a clue. So
far, I don't see anything significant.

What programs do you run on these computers? Maybe we need to look at what the
computers are doing.

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