Re: Continual disconnections

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On Feb 24, 7:41 am, Marbles <Marb...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

" Mate if you have the time we can set up the remote assistance function."

You betcha at the moment I have lots of time. First call your ISP and get
the information.

1) What is there primary & secondary DNS ip numbers ?
2) What is there Default Gateway IP number ?
3) What is your subnet mask suppose to be ?

Then post a message and we can figure out the best time for you to set up
remote assistance and i will certainely fix the computer. In the mean time I
will put a list together of things to fix for your the dhcp
thing...tightening windows xp security and some other tips and tricks i can
show you...its best to have lots of time when your ready to set up remote

Cheers !

OK mate the info you asked for is...
Primary DNS IP
Secondary DNS IP
Default Gateway
Subnet Mask

I have about two hours this morning ,from now, or we can do it when it
suits you. Where are you ? The States or Britain.

I'm in a live tournament this arvo so can't do it then.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Restored the tcp/ip networking functions and tried "OneCare" and
"Housecall" with no success.

I am using Norton's Security and Anti Virus.

Will be back in five hours (or sooner if I get knocked out).