Re: Do Routers Fail??

Yes, routers can fail.
Seems that in your setup the switch is redundant, but anyway, your router
symptom is also something that is commonly caused when running P2P programs.
Many models of router are subject to it. These programs are capable of
opening too many ports too quickly for the router to handle which can
eventually crash the router. Sometimes the router may reboot spontaneously
and you might not notice, other times it may block communications
completely, requiring a router reset.

Another scenario that can cause your symptom is if your router has been hit
by a DOS (denial of service) attack. They can come quite frequently when P2P
is being used, but also when it isn't. Besides finding you by random
scanning for active IPs, if your ISP provides dynamic IP addressing and your
IP rolls around to one that was recently used by someone who was running P2P
the attackers may still be hitting that IP address. Other than updating
your router firmware to the most recent version there isn't much else you
can do about it, AFAIK.

"Joe" <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have a small home network with 3 desk computers and 1 laptop.

The desk computers are connected through a switch. When I added the
laptop, I added a wireless router.

The cable modem is plugged into the wireless router. The wireless
router is plugged into the switch.

This has been working well for two years. In the last few days, I have
been having problems connecting to the internet. I will connect and
then 1-2 hours later I am unable to connect.

By trial and error, I found if I unplug the wireless router, and plug
it back in, I have my network for the next few hours.

Any thoughts??

Thanks in advance.


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