Re: Sharing files between two computers on different networks.

On Fri, 15 Dec 2006 09:22:00 -0800, Imry wrote:

Is there any way to share files between two computers on different networks.
Each computer is on a different continent, and each is connected to the
internet through a router (which means it has a 192.168.... IP address).
They are both PCs using Windows XP SP 2.


I see you already got some good advice. Let me just add that
there are some different ways for special cases.

If you need to transfer only a few files occasionally, you can
use a free public file sharing server.

If you typically send one large file to two or more recipients,
use BitTorrent. In short, that works such that you send the file
only once, and the recipients forward their bits to each other.

If you are conversant with safeguarding computers, you can do
without a VPN and let the computers connect directly.

If you typically provide certain files for others to download,
you can run an FTP or HTTP (web) server, from which everybody
else downloads the files at their leisure.

And there are probably a couple more ways to get files from A to
B. If you describe your actual scenario, the best ways can be


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