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In a workgroup, you need to create identical usernames & passwords
on the 'server' computer to match what is used on the clients. Do
you have a user called Joanna on the file server, with a password
that matches Joanna's on *her* computer? Create one....and see
whether the problem recurs.

Yes, indeed, Joanna has a log-in account on the server with a
password that matches hers on her laptop. I've successfully
logged-in over the LAN to her server account using a Mac laptop and
logged-in to her account locally, on the server itself, using the
very same username and password. This is why I believe the
username/password are functional on the file server. I've been
entering the same username and password v-e-r-y c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y
on the laptop. I can be logged-in as her on her XP laptop, and
mount the LAN share using _my_ username and password, but when I
try to mount the LAN share as Joanna, the Connect to... window
redraws with the computer name and a backslash inserted before her
username, over and over and over again. Other idea/s?

What are the permissions set on a) the share and b) the folder
(NTFS) on the server?

Thanks for the reply, Lanwench, this has been helpful. I found the
problem. Permissions were all good (771) for my purpose, but the
server needed to be told which users in the group are allowed to
connect by Samba and the new user's account wasn't among them. I have
clicked a check box and all is now well. Many many thanks for pushing
me to this conclusion.

Glad you got it fixed :)


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