Re: Any known issues withsp2 and non-sp xp ics?

The cable is good steve i connected it with a notebook.
So here are the new messages:

status: limited or no connnectivity
you might not be able to access the internet or some resources.This problem
occured because the network did not assign a network address to the computer.
repair: windows could not finish rewpairing beacause following action cannot
be completed:"renewing your ip address".
ip address:
Using the details you gave:
"the ip address you have entered for this network adapter is allready
assigned to another adapter 'realtek...''realtek ethernet adapter' is hidden
from the network connections folder because it is not physically in the
computer. if the same address is assigned to both adapters and they both
become active, only one of them will use this address. This may result in
incorrect system configuration.

the adapter is there, i uninstalled and installed it again, the computer
found it.
should i uninstall norton or sp2?
Thanks and sorry for the hassle.
"Steve Winograd [MVP]" wrote:

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Morning Steve,
after giving up on it for a week, here i am again, sorry steve,
re: Host: don't assign any TCP/IP properties manually! If you have,
un-share and re-share the Internet connection.


That will automatically assign these values to the LAC that connects to the

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: none
DNS Server: none
done, this is the lac that connects the computer's not the properties of
lac4 which is the modem.Also in Advanced>WINS properties should i enable
"enable netbios over tcp/ip"?Its on default. Also I have the following in the
lac properties: File and printer sharing for MS Networks and internet
protocol(tcp/ip) ticked.

Client: If you assign TCP/IP properties manually, make all of these

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS Server: or your ISP's DNS server

done except dns, as my isp is configured to use DHCP (Dynamic Host
Protocol) so i do not need to set a specific DNS address - only set my
computer to automatically obtain the DNS settings.

"Please note that your internet connection will not function correctly if
you do not do this." I was told.

After doing the above changes to the client, the network icon changes and
says something like connecting or binding etc.
But nothing.
No request is even sent when i look at the two little screens.

Could it be anything basic?I'll try using the cable on diff. machine.

Your ISP's advice doesn't apply to the ICS client computer. The
client gets its Internet access from the host computer, not from the

It's best to configure the client to obtain an IP address and DNS
server automatically. The host computer will provide the values.

If you configure the client manually, you MUST make all of these

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS Server: or your ISP's DNS server
Best Wishes,
Steve Winograd, MS-MVP (Windows Networking)

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