Could not install the Simple TCP/IP services component

Ok... Someone please help me.
I have searched the web for 4 days on this to rule out something simple
that I am missing. I could not find the problem.

"Could not install the Simple TCP/IP services component because a file
or registry entry is missing" & My network cards will not install. The
hardware simply will not install. It finds the NIC, I have even tried
to install the drivers from the original CD. I think that this problem
is tied with each the tcp/ip component and hardware

I was having problems with TCP/IP connections. After my machine would
boot, I would lose internet within 10 minutes. Something was loading
that I couldn't find. So I thought that maybe removing the TCP/IP
components and NIC card hardware that I could reinstall it if it was

I ran McAfee virus scan, Norton Antivirus, & BitDefender Antivirus,
Spybot search and destoy, McAfee Antispyware... these all found 0

What I have tried

I have run

netsh int ip reset (appeared to have done something, but didn't fix
the problem)
Add Windows Component (this is where I get the error)
Ran the MS Support procedure for determining Winsock2 corruption
Virus scan again.
Ran trial version of System Mechanic to clean registry.

BTW... REGCLEAN appears to just run and run. I let it run overnight
and it just hung there in the same spot.

If you can help, it would be nice to know what FILES or REGISTRY
entries I need to manually have in order to install this. I do not
want to reload the OS but it is appearing to be closer to that solution
day by day.

Thanks in advance