Re: Routing http using Windows XP


Thanks for your reply.

AJR wrote:
Question: Is it a "true" server (win 200 or 2003 server) or another XP you are referring to as a server?

It is a XP Pro SP2.

About "What I want to do is to give the IP of my Windows machine ( to people to access my webpages." - access how - within a local network or via internet?

Within a local network.

"Larry" <larry_web@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:44685db4$0$16017$5a62ac22@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To add to it. I tried to start a web server at and it worked. Just to confirm that the port 80 of is actually accessible, not blocked by the firewall. Then I stopped the webserver at and turned the forwarding on and expected the request will be then forwarded to No luck.

Larry wrote:
I have a Windows XP SP2 (say, and a web server (say, on my network.

What I want to do is to give the IP of my Windows machine ( to people to access my webpages.

So what I did is to configure my windows machine as a router for port 80 in Windows Firewall.

I set this from WindowsFirewall\Advanced\LocalAreaConnection\Settings\WebServer(HTTP)\NameOfIPaddress\ and set that address to

What I expected is that if I access, it will be forwarded to

However, it did not work.

When I access, I go the following message:

"The connection was refused when attempting to contact"

If I access directly, it works. (Just to confirm the web server is running.)

I understood that the WindowsFirewall setting is to forward the request at port 80 to the new machine at

What is the problem or my misunderstanding of the WindowsFirewall function?

Any help is appreciated.