Re: Client PCs have difficulty browsing Host fine, Dial-up ICS

On Mon, 12 Sep 2005 12:55:06 -0700, etheldred
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>I work for a small museum which relies on donated equipment and donated
>dial-up ISP. So currently we have 5 pcs(Win 98SE and XP Pro) networked
>sharing a Dial up connection through the modem of the host computer (XP
>Pro). Lately we have had problems browsing and sending/receiving emails. It
>is a frequent, but as far as I can tell, random occurance. When you type in
>a URL, click a link, or try to send/receive email, it many times cannot find
>the server with client computers(site not found error) It usually takes the
>computer only a second or two to determine it cannot find the site. A
>refresh or retype etc, will eventually get you where you need to be.
>This happens at random, it doesnt matter if it is the first url or the
>fifth, nor does it matter what site you go to, (although some of the more
>complex sites it will often half load) nor how long you have been idle or
>active. I estimate it happens about half the time. (For example this is
>about the third time I have tried to post this message)
>The dial up connection is connected, and the host computer does not have any
>problems browsing. I have tried getting rid of malware, I have even bypassed
>the hubs and directly connected just one client to the host via crossover
>cable, but with no changes of frequency. Sharing files or printers does not
>seem to be a problem, and there is no problem printing from the network
>printer, and pinging results in no packet loss.
>Can anyone think of anything else I could try? Thanks

If the host has no problem with the same URLs, I'd bet the MTU setting is the

Also, check the DNS server settings in "ipconfig /all", compare host and

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