Re: Slow response when connecting to network

Hi Malke,

no I dont have several servers only one Small Business Server 2003 and
unfortunatelly I dont have paid support. I tried to most uncommon things
already. Runned an antivirus, MBSA and nothing. Everything points to my ISA
Server but I simply dont know on what it could be doing this to me...

"Malke" wrote:

> Paleo wrote:
> > Hi Malke,
> >
> > well I did it all, but guess what?? Same problem. Any other thing that
> > should I try?
> Sorry, but I don't know. However, since you have several servers in
> operation, you undoubtedly have a support contract with Microsoft. I
> would call their server tech support - which is excellent - and have
> them help you.
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