Re: wireless and wired in same network

> ipconfig /all:
> IP address. . . . . :
> Subnet Mask. . . .:255.255.2555.0
> IP address. . . . . :fe80::20d:3aff:fe26:fef9%5
> Defualt Gateway . . . .
> DHCP Server. . . . . . .
> DNS Servers. . . . . . .

> "Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms ttl=128
> ping statistices for
> packets: sent=4, received=4,lost=0<0% loss>
> The same results with as above.
> However, the results with and are the same, but
> no
> reply;
> "request timed out" repeated four times
> packet: sent=4, received=0, lost=4 <100%>
> Results with
> "It says that ping request could not find host
> Please check the nand and try again."

OK, so here's the core of the problem.

The wireless card has associated with the Access Point.
DHCP has worked, because you have picked up a valid lease.

You can ping your own IP address

However, pings to the router ( ) time out.
Pings to anything beyond the router time out too.
And hence name also resolution fails, because DNS servers are unreachable.

There is no connectivity beyond this machine.
Other clients can use the Access Point without problem.

At this point, I don't really know what the problem is.

It the IP address of definately assigned to the wireless
adapter, not the wired one?
Is the wired cable un-plugged when you did these tests?

Just to be sure of something, can you copy-and-paste the output of the
command 'route print' into a reply?
In the command prompt window, enter the command 'route print'.
Expand the window as necessary to see it all.
Right-click in the window, and select 'Mark'.
Click and Drag the mouse over all the text till it all goes white.
Then hit 'Enter'.

Click the mouse in the reply window, and press Ctrl-V to paste it in.

Best Regards
Ron Lowe
MVP - Windows Networking