Printer Share Security Issue

From: RITMISProf (
Date: 08/23/04

Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2004 19:27:02 -0700

The Problem: Linksys Router connects two systems: (1) a laptop named
<MYLaptop> that belongs to a domain named TheWorkHouse; (2) a workstation
named <Homer> that has a printer named <Homers_Printer> attached to it.
<Homer> belongs to its own domain named MSHOME. Both systems run Windows XP

Homers_Printer is SHARED. Whenever I attempt to install Homers_Printer on
MYLaptop , I click on <Add Printer> in the <Printers and Faxes> window on
MYLaptop and the Add Printer Wizard window shows Homer and Homers_Printer.
Yet when Homers_Printer is selected the phrase "Error: Access Denied."
appears under Printer Information and if an attempt is made to add the
printer, a dialog box appears with the User Name I used on Homer to share the
printer in faint print and the password box open. I enter my Homer password
and the message comes back: "The credentials supplied are not sufficient to
access this printer. Do you want to supply new credentials? Yes No"

How can I gain access to Homers_Printer from MyLaptop?

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