Re: Transforming Captured video from a VHS video to MPEG/DVD

Lars P wrote:

I have a couple of questions and hope some experts can provide some

Like many other people I want to have my old VHS video tapes
transformed to digital format. So I have connected my VHS video to
the S-video input on my Jauppauge 1300 TV card and the audio to the
line input on my sound card. I am using Windows Movie Maker as the
"grapper program" as this is the only program I have by hand capable
of doing this job. I have no problems capturing my analog video clips
and the sound is also ok.
But I thnk there are some odd limitations in the Windows Movie Maker
program. Perhaps it is only because I really donø't the program I
face these limitations and hopefully there is a workaround.

1) As I want my old analog recording to be transformed to DVD format
(my intention is of course to burn some DVD'd in the end) I choose
the DVD format under configuration/video setup, i.e output size is
set to 720 x 576. But when I then get a bit further in the process
(after having choosed Best Quality for playback on my PC), I receive
the message : "The video device is currently in use". This is also
the case when setting some of the other possible output formats under
configuration/video setup. When I choose the original suggested
format : 384 x 288 there is no problems.

2) Another question is regarding the output file format. I want to be
able to store the captured video in either MPEG or AVI format. Only
when choosing other format and here choose : DV-AVI (PAL) can i get
an AVI file as output. But this generated AVI file can't be read by
Pinnacle, and when using Ulead DVD Movie Factory this program crashes
when trying to generate DVD files !!! As I see it there is no ways of
generating DVD's using Windows Movie Maker. So I don't know exactly
the purpose of the program if this isn't possible, and it is not
possible to handle the generated output files from the program by
other wel known programs like Pinnacle and Ulead !!!

3) Perhaps I should mention that I see the same problems as mentioned
under 2) when I connect my Digital Video Camera and generate AVI
files using Windows Movie Maker. Of course there is no really
problems here as I normally use Pinnacle or Ulead to get the video
from my Digital Video Camera directly. But I just wanted to make the
test anyway. And unfortunately with the same negative result.

Hope there are some possibilities in the program I haven't found yet.
So it could handle my problems. And hope to receive some answers from
the experts.

Best Regards
Maybe something in the following
list will offer some useful info:

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a look.

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However if you plan to edit your movies...
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