Re: Does not insert photo's or audio into timeline / storyboard

It could be a codec problem - Try disabling all the filters in Options
See my website Movie Maker -> Trouble Shooting -> Codec problems
It also could be worth a shot at reregistering the DLL's
See my website Movie Maker -> Trouble Shooting -> Bad Installation

Of course it could be other things but these are the first two I would try.
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"Lobbelt" <Lobbelt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:F22CB0EC-A41E-4A3E-B651-2C2FEF21BD0A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Whenever I try to drag photo's or audio onto the storyboard/timeline, it just
doesn't add it... I tried with all sorts of files, just doesn't work. I'm
running a Windows XP Media Edition OS.