Problem with MovieMaker MEDIATAB0.DAT issues

In the past week, I have tried to recreate a lost video presentation made
with MovieMaker 2. I say "lost", but I can still retrieve the 18 minute piece
and play back
maybe a minute or two before MovieMaker crashes.

The program dies leaving my desktop screen with strange small images (about
4 or 5)in a row on the bottom toolbar that show: FFdshow audio decoder when
the cursor is placed over them. The small image disappear one by one, and
A couple of seconds later, the MEDIATAB0.DAT flag pops up on the toolbar,
referring to some kind of scan.
Is there a scan procedure to find the missing DAT file and reload it?

I believe these events are simular to other postings here, but still can't
figure out how to save the project as another file.
Currently working on a project I produced after returning from the
Philippines, when Mt. Pinatubo blew her top, changing things for Americans
stationed there.
Hope to correct these MEDIATAB issues and stream the piece online soon.

Please offer input on this struggle!

"PapaJohn" wrote:

You're welcome.... thanks for the feedback
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It worked :) Thanks sooo much for your help.

"PapaJohn" wrote:

three thoughts....

Movie Maker needs to be closed before you copy the database file (as
changes may not be in it until you close the app)...

it also needs to be closed when you copy it back to its normal working
folder, or it won't replace what's there

when copying back, you need to note the numberic suffix.... you note it
Mediatab1.dat but if it's currently Mediatab0.dat, you would need to name
that before opening Movie Maker.

it's easier to do than to write about.... :)
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"BabeandJamie4Ever" <BabeandJamie4Ever@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
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For some reason, my movie maker likes to randomly open and say the
has been emptied. This happened again last night and I was so close to
getting all the clips imported that I needed because they had been
the same way. I folled the directions on Papa John's site to find the
MEDIATAB1.DAT file. I tried backing it up by copying that file after
importing a couple of clips and pasting it in another folder. I then
the clips and then copied the file back into the Movie Maker file, but
collection was still empty. How do I back up my collection so that when
deletes everything I can just put the backup file in?