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thank you so very much...i am actually creating a sort of slide show of pics
taken throughout the year and want to add music and text along with the pics
(sorta like a power point presentation), but able to view the show through a
DVD player without needing another device to plug from the computer to the
TV. I do not have a DVD burner, but I do have a CD burner. Where would I
find the software program to transfer the show to a VCD (i can use a CD-R for
this, right?).

Sorry, just brand new to this program.

THANK YOU - Kristie

"John Inzer" wrote:

Kristie wrote:
I am new at this and have attempted to save a short movie
I created for later viewing with our home DVD player and
have been unsuccessful. It attempts to save it, but then
it suddenly closes out and nothing is burned to my disc.
What is the procedure for saving it to a CD-R and viewing
it later with a home DVD player? Do I need a DVD-R to
save it? I looked over the program and it only showed
the need for a CD-R or CD-RW.
PLEASE HELP!!!! I am trying to put this together as a
gift to my Cheerleading squad and would like to better
understand the program, as I have a lot of info to place
on 3 different movies.
To play a movie on a DVD
need software that can create a VCD...
(this assumes you do not have a DVD
burner...then you might create a DVD)
(most DVD players will play a VCD)

First you would save your Movie Maker
project to a folder on your hard drive as
a movie...

To save as a .wmv movie file...
Type...Ctrl+P to open the Save Movie Wizard /
Choose...My Computer /
Next /
Enter a Name and a Save Location /
Next / Next.
Wait while the movie is saved /

To save as an .avi movie file...
Type...Ctrl+P to open the Save Movie Wizard /
Choose...My Computer /
Next /
Enter a Name and a Save Location /
Next /
Show More Choices /
Other Settings /
Open the drop window and choose...DV-AVI /
Next /
Wait while the movie is saved /
Finish... need to import the completed
..wmv or .avi movie file into a software
program that will create a VCD. Most
DVD players will play a VCD...check
the manual for your DVD player for
compatibility. A VCD is a Video Disk
created on a CD instead of a DVD.

I've had success with a program called
'InterVideo WinDVD Creator'...there are
many others...'NeroVision Express'
another example. The main thing is the
program must be able to create a VCD
from a .wmv or .avi video file.

Here's some info about DVDs:

Turn your Movie Maker 2
video into a DVD

Wojo's Web...DVD Creation

Burn a Movie Maker Project to DVD

How do I make a DVD

Windows Movie Maker Forums

Movie Maker 2 and DVD Burning Software

Burning DVDs With Windows Movie Maker 2

How do I save my movie as a
DV-AVI file in Movie Maker?


John Inzer
MS Picture It! MVP

Please understand...this is not tech support.
We are simply volunteers who attempt to assist
folks who are having problems. What works for
us may not work for anyone else...

Good luck in solving your problem.

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