Re: transition causes slow audio

I've never heard of this problem before but one thing that comes to mind is
are you using MP3 audio or is it the audio from your video clip?

"smbwilson" <smbwilson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> While editing my avi movie I can add the first few fade in/out transitions
> without a problem, but after about 5 transitions the audio track slows
> right
> down. Speech is about half the speed while the video continues at normal
> pace. If I cntrl-z to undo the transition the audio goes completely. I
> have
> to close the edit session and re-open the avi. I cant get any further with
> my
> editing. Its all a bit odd. I've checked whole discussion board and cant
> find
> anyone with this problem. Please help.
> --
> monkey? i cant remember.