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Date: 12/06/04

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Thanks for that very detialed response.

"John Kelly" wrote:

> Hello there,
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> >I was able to make a custom profile, but I have some questions.
> >
> > My goal is to take a series of different sized JPEG images from a 3.1 mp
> > digital camera, and generate a NTSC DVD slideshow to be played on the TV.
> > Top
> > priority is quality of picture.
> > Disk space is not an issue.
> >
> > I'm using TmpgEnc to encode the WMM 2 output into mpeg2 format.
> >
> > For video size - Since I have a series of different sized photos taken
> > from
> > a 3.1 mp dig camera should I set size to 720x480 or 'same as video input'?
> > I
> > have a lot of pictures, so editing all of them to make them all same sized
> > is
> > not an option.
> Thats a pity, the only way to maintain the highest possible quality is
> to crop and resize. Crop to desired ratio...note I say ratio not number of
> pixels. Then resize using any program other than Movie Maker. Movie Maker
> does not do a very good job of doing this as described in here previously by
> one of the team members that created Movie Maker.
> If your target is DVD using NTSC then step 2 above will be resize so
> that the height will be 480. The width takes care of itself because of the
> crop to required ratio.
> Whatrever you do...DO NOT RESIZE TO SOMETHING LIKE 800 x 600 or any
> other computer screen size...there is no relationship between the number of
> pixels on a computer screen to those require by a DVD...this was also
> discussed in this newsgroup previously when REHAN was corrected by the same
> team member from Microsoft
> > Key Fram/Buff size - are the default values ok for a picture slideshow?
> I would think they were more than adequate, even if you have some
> effects/transitions. Personaly, I have played with those settings a few
> times and never found any difference no matter what I set them the
> end of the day, if you set the bitrate to high then the keyframe will come
> into play forcing the image to catch up...causing a small jump in the
> picture...if that happens a lot then it would suggest you have to high a
> bitrate.
> > Vid Bit Rate - If I choose CBR, would it make sense to use the same
> > bitrate
> > that I use in TmpgEnc when encoding it to MPeg2 (e.g. 8000 kbps; would a
> > higher bit rate just be wasting time/space)? I tried using 'uncompressed'
> > but
> > TmpgEnc wouldn't read in the resultant WMV file (although it didn't have
> > any
> > problems with other WMV files)
> I always use VBR with a maximum of 8,000 and an average of 7500kb/s
> > I also tried saving it in DV-AVI, but the output was noticably blurry -
> > couldn't be a player issue as it was just as blurry after encoding to
> > mpeg2.
> Proably due to the phyical size of images used.....
> > WMV files encoded into mpeg2 don't show this blurry problem.
> > If I choose VBR than I assume I should use a value of 100 for Video
> > Smoothness.
> Not certain about that, you might want to test a few transition sections
> with a range of settings to see which you prefer.
> If using still images with transitions...therefore video is mostly a
> still image then yes Auto should do just fine.
> >
> > I understand that 'allow nonsquare pixel output' needs to be checked for
> > burning a dvd and I can set an audio rate of 0 since I'll be adding audio
> > seperately when I author the DVD.
> Non-Square always has to be set if making a standard DVD for use on
> domestic equipment. In profesional software such as the better packages from
> AIST in Germany instead talk of the pixel aspect ratio AND the destination
> size in pixels...its quite a bit different when you move away from programs
> at this end of the market (Free) You will have noticed I am sure that some
> widescreen DVD's are "wider" than others.
> To sum MUST do the cropping and resizing yourself especially
> in your case as you say quality is important. Movie Maker like other free
> graphic tools from Microsoft is very basic and uses low grade algorithms
> when resizing etc. If you remove that task from Movie Maker there are two
> get a huge improvement in quality...Movie Maker runs faster.
> The higher the bitrate the better, so long as it does not exceed the ability
> of the DVD player (I made that mistake recently...I did not check what
> bitrate I hade in MovieDV and the resulting file whilst technically very
> high in quality was terrible when played because the player could not keep
> up)
> > thanks
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