RE: Movie Maker will not recognize DV input through 1394 IEEE port! He

From: TwistedMonk (
Date: 10/09/04

Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2004 08:01:04 -0700

I have read on a firewire mucic guys site, that sp2 will really cut down the
throughput on a 1394 port. He even gave involved instructions on how to, just
restore the sp1 1394 part and leave the rest of sp2.

"jmsamr" wrote:

> I have been trying to use 1394 port to movie maker with no results. Moviemaker states that no capture device is available. I have tried using windows Xp update service pack with no results. Yes the camcorder is on and connected. It works fine with my brothers laptop running windows XP. Any ideas??

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