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From: Rehan (
Date: 08/07/04

Date: Sat, 7 Aug 2004 13:36:30 +0100


> I converted it to MPEG 2 as suggested but I ended up with 2 separate
> files -
> a .m2v file and a .wav file. It appears that the converter separated the
> audio from the video. I expected one file after the conversion. Did I do
> something wrong?

This is an optional thing in TMPGenc. In the wizard you ran at the startup,
the last screen titled: Project Wizard 5/5 "Specifying output file name",
has a selectable option "Output Video and audio as individual elementry
streams". Perhaps it is on by default? Just unclick it and you would get a
combined .MPG file.

If you do not want to run the wizard again, just select the radio button
"System (Video+Audio)" from the bottom right area of the main window under
"Stream Type".

If you have done a conversion before, the two files (m2v and .wav) can be
combined to produce a .mpg file from File->MPEG Tools. Under the first tab
named "Simple multiplex" select stream type to be "MPEG-2 Program (VBR)" and
select other obvious settings in the dialog (input and output file names)
and press OK.

However I must say that if you want a quick and easy solution then Sonic
MyDVD is the way to go. It wont offer any advanced options but should
produce your DVD without much hassle. It also has a trial version available
to download though not easily accessible from the main page of the website.
Here is the direct link:

-R-e-h-a-n- (visit for free effects and transitions)
"Adrianne728" <> wrote in message
> Hi,
> In trying to get info about creating DVDs from Windows Movie Maker files, 
> I
> came across this thread which appeared to contain the answer I was looking
> for. I downloaded TMPGenc as suggested. In order to give it a try, I
> converted the "Windows Movie Maker Sample File.WMV" that came with my new
> computer. (The one with the family at the zoo that I imagine is included 
> in
> most XP computers).
> I converted it to MPEG 2 as suggested but I ended up with 2 separate 
> files -
> a .m2v file and a .wav file. It appears that the converter separated the
> audio from the video. I expected one file after the conversion. Did I do
> something wrong?
> My plan was to put the ONE file into my Pinnacle Expression (it accepts 
> .mpg
> and .avi) Now with the two files, it appears I must go a different route.
> I looked up the DVD Authoring software mentioned (DVD Lab) which I saw has 
> a
> trial version on TUCOWS. However, a Microsoft article
> suggests Sonic Solution's MyDVD as an easy solution. I'll have to make a
> decision about which to use.
> But before I buy any more software, I would like to know if I converted 
> the
> files correctly and was supposed to end up with two separate files as I
> mentioned above. I would appreciate any advice on this. I have spent
> countless hours on this and am going bonkers at this point. The Windows 
> Movie
> Maker is avery nice piece of software and I enjoyed using it, but I want 
> to
> get the finished movie on DVD to share with the family (my daughter's
> wedding). Again, thank you for any advice.
> "Rehan" wrote:
>> "LynManUK" <> wrote in message
>> > Got a real problem.  [...]
>> Are you completing all the required steps to make a DVD Video ?
>> Below is an extract from my website:
>> DVD Movie making generally involves these 5 steps:
>> 1. Capturing from video camera to hard disk
>> 2. Editing the movie
>> 3. Encoding to MPEG2
>> 4. Authoring (creating chapters and menus)
>> 5. Burning to disk.
>> Each of these steps requires a different type of software or same 
>> software
>> to do different type of work. Some software suites cover more than one of
>> these five steps, however for professional looking results you may need a
>> dedicated software for each step. Windows Movie Maker does a good job of
>> step 1 and 2. For the rest of the three steps:
>> For encoding: I use TMPGenc (Tsunami Encoder) which is a very high 
>> quality
>> yet affordable encoder for converting any media type to MPEG1 and MPEG2. 
>> For
>> MPEG1 encoding it is completely free as well. You need MPEG2 encoding 
>> though
>> for DVDs. Note that this (step 3) is most critical as it involves a 
>> format
>> conversion which has most potential for incurring quality loss if not 
>> done
>> with due care.
>> For authoring: My favourite is DVD Lab. Other softwares include TmpGenc 
>> DVD
>> Author, Nero vision Express and many others.
>> For burning the disk I use Nero Burning Rom. However this step is not 
>> that
>> critical as any CD/DVD burning software will do the job once everything 
>> is
>> ready to burn. Many Authoring softwares can do this step too.
>> For links to these programs visit my faq page:
>> -- 
>> -R-e-h-a-n-
>> (visit for free effects and transitions)
>> "LynManUK" <> wrote in message
>> > Got a real problem.  I'm a primary school teacher and as an end of year
>> > event I decided to create a compilation movie of the children who were
>> > leaving school.  It took me ages.  Created in Windows Movie Maker and 
>> > then
>> > couldn't get it to burn to DVD.  Eventually after paying for some
>> > consultancy help managed to burn onto DVD but this would only play 
>> > through
>> > pc.  We managed to show to whole school on the last day (there were 
>> > about
>> > 250 people in the audience!) but, I still need to be able to copy the 
>> > DVD
>> > so that the children can have a leaving present.  This was to be their
>> > gift on completing 8 years at school with us.
>> > Have redone the movie using ArcSoft Showbiz 2 but can't get further 
>> > than
>> > 'Write Disc' and this just goes on to the hard disk.   I don't get an
>> > option to write to DVD writer.
>> > This was a new system purchased in April 2004 HP Pavilion with media
>> > center, paid 1500 with the attraction that I would be able to produce 
>> > my
>> > own DVDs for school use.
>> > Have tried Philips DVD+RW discs, Packard Bell DVD+R discs.
>> > Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling DVD writer too.
>> > HELP
>> > Lynne
>> >

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