Re: Cannot connect my CANON XM1

From: leof (
Date: 07/18/04

Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 01:52:01 -0700

Hello Graham,
the cable is not faulty. It works on the other PC with the CANON and the SAMSUNG. The Laptop recognices the SAMSUNG but probably not correctly the CANON. Can I check somehow, if this fault is on XP level, Firewire level or on MM level?
Checking the properties of the firewire connection, I cannot see a device. With USB it is different, this interface shows me always the device type and sometimes the name.
kind rgds leof

"Graham Hughes, MVP Digital Media" wrote:

> I assume you are using the same cable, so we can rule that out as being
> faulty. Can you try the cam and cable on another pc just to ensure that it
> hasn't developed a fault since the last time you used it.
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> Graham Hughes
> "leof" <> wrote in message
> > Hello, with my old desktop PC (XP Home Edition) I could connect the CANON
> XM1 camcorder using Firewire without any problems and capture videos with
> Moviemaker. I did not install any driver software for the camcorder.
> > When I connect now the camcodrer to my new ACER Laptop (XP Home Edition),
> the Laptop recognices a new device, but Moviemaker does not "see" the
> camcorder. When I conect my son's SAMSUNG camcorder Moviemaker detects this
> device and I can capture video clips.
> > Thanks in advance for any answer,
> > kind rgds leof, Germany