Re: Uninstalling Older Versions


You can't redownload 4.7 specifically but it should be on WindowsUpdate
( or you can just download Windows Messenger 5.1 which is
its upgrade. It's fine to have Windows Messenger uninstalled but three features in Windows
Live Messenger won't work without it -- Remote Assistance, Whiteboard and Application
Sharing. If you never use these features in Messenger then you'll never miss it.

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"wannabe123" <wannabe123@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I uninstalled the 4.7 version of Messenger from my computer when I downloaded
the 8.0.Then I read where it should have been left on there for certain
funtions to work properly in the 8.0.So far I've had no problems at all with
Windows Live Messenger but am concerned that I may run into something down
the road.I haven't had even one of the problems listed in the
discussions.Should I leave well enough alone or as a precaution download the
4.7 if it is still available.