Re: New Terabyte Drive

Thanks for the reply,
The autorun it seems is puts an icon (WD) next to my drive letter in
I deleted it so there is no icon now.
Thanks for the help.


"dadiOH" <dadiOH@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Mario wrote:
Hi, I'm running XP pro.
I've added a new 1 Terabyte drive for backup purposes.
I haven't put anything on it yet, I need to know about
three files that appear on the drive in explorer.

1. Autorun (folder)
2. autorun.inf file

3. System Volume Information

#3 is a function of XP, sticks one on every drive. Ditto recycle bin
unless you configure its properties to use one bin for all drives.

No idea about the autorun, what's in it? And what text is in the inf?



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