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I'm not sure what the others
are saying about the safety
scanner being discontinued.

the retail version of
one care was discontinued
a long time ago.

but the online version is
free and functional.


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Bill in Co. wrote:

Stuck in DBASE-II land?

He is a "Retired Professional" and should be respected as our senior citizen.  We respect Pig-Bear so why not this guy?

Yeah - the online one still works.

I install and uninstall stuff all the time.

I made a backup of my registry.

I ran the online MS one and several others but did not let them make
any changes.

They all reported different things.

Then I ran the MS one and let it fix. I rebooted and had not problems
and ran it again and the original issues were resolved.

I put my registry backup back, and ran the other tools and let them
fix all the problems they found without question - fix everything you
find. No problems.

The issues reported make sense and are either MRU or ARP items and
remnants of things I have installed and uninstalled in the last week
or so. Boring!

Some scanners are more efficient than others, so scanners miss things
others catch.

The MS one is just so-so in my opinion - it missed a lot of things my
other ones report as issues and I think it would be nice if it did
report them but it doesn't. But it did not break anything and neither
did any of the others I ran.

It is "worth it" to me psychologically to know all the remnants from
installed/uninstalled programs are not in the registry. They would
never be removed without a registry cleaner. Their presence does not
effect my performance in any measurable way, and I measure it.

No cleaner decreased my boot time (which I can measure down to the
tenth of a second). The variances were not repeatable and only in the
plus or minus .03 second range which I attribute to global warming.

I did not run any other timing benchmarks because I already know from
having done this kind of testing before there is not any appreciable
difference and they take too long.

Compacting is not the same as cleaning and there are ways to do that
too, but still only tiny often non repeatable measurable improvements
but good psychological feelings.