Re: XP SP3

Please be specific. Which downloaded file are you referring to?

Have you seen the troubleshooting suggestions from this page:

I always have success installing SP3 when I do the following:

1. Install it from the file here:

2. Configure a Clean Boot before you install SP3:

3. Make sure IE is at IE6 level.

More info:

Larry Ralph wrote:
I have tried everything recommended and still no luck installing SP3
for Win XP

"chas2209" <chas2209@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

" Larry Ralph" <larryralph@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

-- I can not install the Win XP Pro SP 3 from downloaded file?. Get
Error Message - "The requested lookup key was not found in any
active activation context."

I also could not install from Win Update. Error Msg. was -
0x87FF36B7 Any ideas on how to correct?

Larry Ralph

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