Re: Freezes at Welcome Screen, Desktop


Are you able to log on as the Administrator in Safe Mode and create
a new user profile.

HOW TO Create and Configure User Accounts in Windows XP

How to Copy User Data to a New User Profile


Hope this helps.

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Dell Christopher wrote:
Sony PCV-RS430G desktop
WinXP Home
Pent 4 (2.80 GHz), 512 mb RAM, 120 gb HD

The computer has just recently started freezing right after I enter my
password at the Welcome screen. As a result, I removed the HD and
used a USB/IDE cable kit to attach it to another working WinXP
computer. From there, I ran an AVG scan on that specific drive only,
which resulted in 50 infections and 4 spyware files - all removed or
healed. After that, I reconnected the HD to the Sony and now it
freezes once I hit the Desktop (no icons, toolbar or system tray). I
am also unable to boot to Safe Mode, and Last Known Good Config still
results in the freeze.
I've now removed the HD a second time, and ran both a "quick" and
"extended" diagnostics test using Western Digital software; both
tests resulted in PASS. At this point, I don't know what to do next.
I'm also concerned that when I connected the HD to the 2nd computer,
I can't open my User folder (i.e. Docs & Settings). It just says
inaccessible. Furthermore, when hovering over that folder, it says
Folder Empty. Maybe that's because there is a Windows password for
my User Account? Not sure.
I'm hopeful to get some input on what might be the problem, or some
direction on what to try next. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!