Re: Equipment Questions - Modem/Router

Who is your ISP and what is the make and model number of the modem/router that your they supplied you with? If you give us that information readers with experience with this particular hardware or ISP may be able to help in greater details.

Things differ from place to place but around here we only have 2 high speed internet providers and neither of them allow us their customers to purchase their own equipment. Or rather I should precise by saying that they only allow us to buy equipment from them or from an approved supplier and they only allow us to use certain makes and model numbers, we have no choice over this, we can't plug any which modem that we want on their line, it just won't work. I rather suspect that it might be the same where you're at.

Ask your ISP if you can get a straight modem only from them, tell them that you don't need any routing features. Or ask them if they can turn off the wireless and routing feature on the equipment that you now have. If you can get a modem only from them you will probably save a dollar or two a month because most ISPs charge a bit more for a router or for a wireless router than they do for a straight modem. Then you can get yourself a good suitable wireless router of your choice and then put the crappy equipment that the ISP supplied on the outside perimeter (on the WAN port) and plug your computers to the LAN ports and configure things to your liking. While you could put another router in the picture and plug the ISPs router in the WAN port this type of setup greatly complicates things for nothing so its best if you can use a modem only from your ISP or have them disable the routing and wireless features on their equipment.


MtnLadyinBlackHills1986 wrote:
I posted earlier about Internet security problems. Thank you, "Daave", for all your assistance. My computer is "well" now. However, I have a different concern now. I contacted my ISP about my DSL modem/router (which I rent) and about open ports I found in the scan. They refuse to close these ports for me. I can't access the software because my ISP has the password.

Last night my husband's laptop (with a wireless connection) was repeatedly attacked by a Trojan Horse. (The Internet was turned on but he was not using the Web - he was using a program that is not an online one.) His antivirus stopped and deleted all of them. But I'm concerned that these open ports are a major part of the problem.

We are considering buying our own equipment. Can you purchase a combination modem/router or would we need to get the modem from the ISP and get our own router? I know the routers have their own firewall software that we could access and set up. Or are we opening up a big "can of worms"?

I'd appreciate any information you could provide. I promise I won't make this a long-drawn out thread, like before. I did get a lot of very valuable information from that post, which I greatly appreciate.

Thank you.