Re: "processing auto configuration" pop up

It's caused by your monitor, consult the monitor manual.


Lettesgo wrote:
I had to shut my computer down for a couple of days (went away). (Note that this is a pretty old desktop computer but although slow, works great. Windows XP home/2002 w/service pack 2)
When I came back, I re-booted and a pop up keeps coming up (blue outline, grey inside) that says: Processing Auto Configuration... then it disappears. There/gone-- there/gone. Screen kind of "jiggles" a little each time it pops up.
Making me crazy. Mouse pointer goes behind it. I called my computer tech support. They said I need to reinstall operating system/drivers etc (therefore losing everything on hard drive unless I go out and get a external hd to back all up). I really didn't understand what she tried to explain was the reason for this pop up. I actually thought it might be a virus...although my computer does an automatic update and virus scan regularly (just done and said was good).

Can someone help get this OFF my screen??