Re: XP Home problem after installing SP3

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you're welcome.


the bootcfg has provided
you with the 2 o.s.'s which
is pretty good.

modifying it is pretty simple.

the instructions can be
found here:

basically, just modify the
details between the quotation
marks with the description
you want to appear on the
boot menu.

then save.

you can modify your
descriptions again,
if they don't sound
exactly right on the
boot menu.


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"Gill" <Gill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:6A8C4E36-862B-4848-8BA4-D5740649A85A@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
In error, I downloaded SP3. My pc is running XP Home with IE7 and Netgear
Wireless adapter WG111T (USB port) with a Belkin 802.11g Wireless Cable/DSL
Internet Gateway Router. All were working fine until I installed SP3. I
had checked all drivers were up to date when I bought the Belkin router.

Now I get the blue screen (forgot the error code as I'm at work) but it was
something like 0X0000001FC - it said it was to do with not enough memory.
When I press F8 on startup, it does take me to the proper screen - change the
order of loading to try to boot from CD and it doesn't even do that.
Eventually it just goes back to the blue screen. F2 and F12 are no help
either as I can't even start in Safe Mode so I can off SP3. Please help as
not much hair left now :(