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Macc said this on 3/22/2009 5:43 AM:

Which antispyware is recommended by this ng please? ATM I'm using
Windows Defender, Spybot, AdAware & Malwarebytes. I Also use Zone Alarm
Free & AVG Free AE which notifies me of tracking cookies etc.

Running all the time is Spybot Tea Time & Defender.

Do I need all these?

I have ZoneAlarm not so much as its a great firewall, but I like the
outbound notification it offers, especially when I'm testing new
I also have AVG 8.5 Free A/V program. Don't know what AVG AE is.
And Defender.
I run Malwarebytes now and then, and CCleaner to clear out cookies. I
like CCleaner cause you can set aside cookies that you don't want
deleted. TVGuide's tv provider is a setting I like to keep :-)

Thanks. I do have CC Cleaner which I use every now & again. The Version
of AVG which I'm using is 8.0. A senior moment, I'm afraid, re "AE"
which is the Anniversary Edition of AdAware not AVG.


I found a real nice time saver called Cookie Monster (it's freeware)

You can configure it to keep the few cookies you may need...
then in a matter of seconds delete all tracking cookies.

I've noticed that if one surfs prudently, after a long search,
most of those adware utilities just end up removing tracking cookies anyway