Re: CD Read Problem

Thanks, Joe, but I did try refreshing the view several times during
troubleshooting. For the record, I was using the Windows Picture and Fax
viewer, and the Thumbnail view when in My Computer/Windows Explorer.

"Elmo" <elmogeek@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Dell Christopher wrote:
Dell Dimension 4600, WinXP Home, NEC CD-RW

I was enjoying the contents of a CD-R with photos. I took it out and put
another CD, with completely different content, and it still showed up
the previous CD contents, using My Computer and Windows Explorer.
Amazingly, it even opens the files it thinks it sees from the first CD.
am at a loss to explain how this is happening.

The only troubleshooting I did was to uninstall the CD-RW drive thru
Mgr, then it reinstalled upon rebooting the computer. Unfortunately, the
problem remains. If anyone can shed some light on how this could be
happening, I would greatly appreciate it.


After reading the two responses you've received so far, I wonder if
pressing F5, or opening the drive in "My Computer" or Explorer, pressing
F5 to refresh that view, will display the new content.. I wondered if
the program that was viewing the photos had somehow locked you into that
view. If so, stopping that program might return control.

Joe =o)