Re: OT: Backing up: online or software??

An external HD used for imaging is usually disconnected when not in use.
Once you restore the image everything is the same to that point in time when you created the image.
You can create Incremental Images or you can create a new Image each time and manually delete the old one.
You could also create an Acronis Secure Zone on the Ext. HD which makes it much easier to create incremental Images.


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"FERRANTE" <manthonyferrante@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:jcq1p49kaaj28okn23rdhnippn3esvcr0o@xxxxxxxxxx

I know there most likely are multiple programs that do this but I use
Acronis True Image for this task.

Many people over the last few weeks have recommended that program. I
will certainly consider it.
Also, say if I buy an external HD to backup stuff, is it advisable to
leave it connected all the time so it is there when needed or should
one "hide it" and only bring it out, say once a week, when you want to
do backing up?
I like the idea of having a bootable disk to use even if you have no
OP. Now when you create an image of your whole system, which might
included games and things, once restored everything is the same as if
nothing ever happened or because .dll's and things could be all over
the place, you have to reinstall the program itself?
Lastly, once you have created an image of the entire HD and want to
do periodic backups, does it create a new image with the new stuff on
there or does it write it to somewhere else and if that is the case,
how do you restore that if it is separate from the HD image?

Thanks to everyone who is helping me!