Re: Computer turns itself to mute

Thanks. It's very intermittent with no discernible pattern. Someone else
tells me that hitting F8 mutes the system and since I have a wireless
keyboard that gets picked up and moved around a lot, i suspect it's as simple
as that.

"Unknown" wrote:

Could be many things. Does your keyboard have a mute button? Could be
malware. You may have to go through the process of elimination to find the
cause. I.E. Prevent one program at a time from loading until problem no
longer occurs. How often does it happen?
"Agnes B" <Agnes B@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

From time to time, for no apparent reason, my computer turns itself to
I go to Control Panel/Sounds and uncheck the mute box and all is well.
what makes it happen and how can I make it stop? Thanks.


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