Re: kernel data inpage error


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Taylor_Hari wrote:
So, a little history on my computer ... it is now ~4.5years old, and
has had the RAM on it replaced about 3 years ago. It is nothing
special, it is a 200Gb, 512Mb RAM, <2GHz Compaq desktop. At the end
of August I purchased a new monitor and needed to update my video
card, and then install a driver to view the widescreen format. Once
doing this, the computer started acting up and I ran a recovery with
the recovery disk and things were running fine since then. Last week
I downloaded BitTorrent and downloaded a few albums and noticed my
computer starting to run slow. I attributed this to having left it on
for a few days, so I turned it off and the next day I received a blue
screen with the kernel_stack_inpage_error. After unsuccessful
attempts at a restore, I performed a system recovery. This did not
change the outcome, and when I got into Windows none of the settings
had changed (seeming like the recovery must not have worked). I had
messages of a master boot record error, a corrupt or missing
system32\hal.dll, and a black screen with a flashing cursor in the
top left. I've tried to reinstall XP and it couldn't complete it due
to misplacing my product key. I've tried running a dskchk /r and was
told that I have one or more unrecoverable problems. I re-ran
recovery and nothing has improved any outcomes, this is my latest
error message:

0x0000007A (0xE121940c, 0xc000000E, 0xBF8F3A68, 0x1B34A860)
win32k.sys - address BF8F3A6B base at BF800000, datestamp 3b5ee2e6

Can anyone suggest a route to a fix?