Re: XP installation software drives & activation problem

hi peter,
thanks for your help. so, u think xp SP3 is better than vista in this case?
xp drivers some not able to install using the Acer DVD even when i tried to
install manually or automatically. for e.g. the wireless. it installed but
later says missing or corrupted. only Atheros type of wLan in the Acer DVD.
tis also not able to installed for the xp but for win vista, yes it can be
installed & b used. the Acer DVD has vista & xp installation.

i went to acer website for my aspire 4530 but only have download drivers for
win vista. i couldnt find any xp drivers.

this is the problem. is it bcos acer aspire 4530 is not capable for a good
drivers installation & needed a technician? complicated? security problem or

by the way, r u a technician? jus ask. :)

but i hope u will continue to help me wit the xp. looks like ive to use xp.
no choice.

"peter" wrote:

The Acer 4530 drivers are all meant for Vista and therefore will not install
under XP.
XP SP3 should have the drivers for most of your hardware on the CD...check
Device Manager as to what did not install. The Wireless drivers you most
likely will find on the
manufacturers website once you know which wireless device is
installed...Acer uses more than one.
The video drivers are Acer specific but you might get lucky on the XP update
site...good luck.

An OEM Vista that came preinstalled on a purchased system is only good for
the system it was
purchased with.If it was a "store" bought OEM Vista the same applies it is
only good on the system it was 1st
installed on........your SOL. You need to buy your own Vista.

Since 99.9% of Acers are sold with Operating Systems included in the price I
hope you got an exceptionally
good deal.Acer uses a Recover Partition method of
Installing/reinstalling...are you sure its not there??

If you find a posting or message from me offensive,inappropriate
or disruptive,please ignore it.
If you dont know how to ignore a posting complain
to me and I will be only too happy to demonstrate :-)

"SallyL" <SallyL@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
hi ive a new laptop Acer Aspire 4530. its w/o windows. so ive to install
myself win xp home basic SP3. i couldnt install the drivers such as PCI
drivers & wireless internet. others r ok. ive used the resource DVD given
Acer automatically & manually but it says missing or corrupted. wats is
wrong? ive even went to Acer's website to download but failed. can anybody
pls tell me how? i'm sure i can solve this problem rather than going to
retailers where i bought my laptop & paid for w/o windows?

secondly, activation problem. my sis used it b4 vista premium OEM on her
computer b4 but its ok & activated. but when i used it on my this new
its totally out. i'm given 30 days to activate it & asking me to get a new
key & change key or contact microsoft. ive sent email to microsoft online
support & she emailed to me asking me to contact microsoft via phone. ive
contacted microsoft for new key but they asked me to go to Acer &
the vista premium OEM then, contact microsoft via phone to get the new

pls friends, wats going on? it has been 1 week i'm trying it & its w/o
windows in my computer until now & all these i believe its just minor but
help me. i'm not going to get a new pack for goodness sick... it cost a

plsssssssssssss help anybody who xp expert?


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