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lol, ya got me! OK, a different tack.

"...there may be an entirely different tact that would lead to
a more effective result..."

<Ahem>...perhaps you mean a different /tack/'s a sailing term.
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Twayne wrote:
I have tried all options. I just want xp to use it less

Perhaps it would clarify a lot to know why you want it to use it less
aggressively, and what it is that is too aggressive?
It's possible there may be an entirely different tact that would
lead to a more effective result for you.


"thomas" <thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
How do I get my computer to use more ram and less swap/pagefile?
My guess is you are *already* maximizing your RAM usage and
minimizing pagefile usage; that is how Windows is designed. Just to
make sure, let Windows manage your virtual memory:

Right-click My Computer | Properites | Advanced | Performance:
Advanced | Virtual Memory: Change | (make sure your drive letter
selected) System Managed Size | Set | OK | OK

(You will need to restart the computer for the change to take
Right now my pagefile is set at 2048mb, I have 2048gb of system
ram and with
rainmeter I am monitoring both along with other sys. variables.

On average my pagefile use is about 250mb and sys. ram use is
about 350mb.
If that RAM use is peak use, then you have *much more* than enough
RAM! Seriously, I would image that one fourth of that amount
(512MB) would still be more than enough. Gerry told you about a
very useful utility to measure pagefile usage, so you might want
to use it per his instructions to get a better idea on how your PC
uses RAM and virtual memory.

Also note what Gerry said about allocation. Windows *allocates*
virtual memory to different applications. So even if you see
virtual memory figures, say in Task Manager, that doesn't mean
that at that moment all those programs are actively *using* all
that memory. Bottom line: it's nothing to worry about. If you'd
like to learn more, this page is excellent:

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250 gb
SATA IDE HDD | Pioneer SATA IDE DVD\CD R-RW | Windows XP sp3|
Nvidia GeForce
6200 OC | D-Link DWA-552 Wireless Card |
CPU is on the slow side by today's standards. How much longer do
you plan on using this PC, just out of curiosity? I'm sure it still
serves you well, though. But if you were to use a faster processor,
you would notice a *huge* difference!

P.S., take anything Andrew E. says with a grain of salt. Once
you've been in these newsgroups for a while, you'll see he is --
to put it kindly -- quite clueless. The late Alex Nichol (who is
responsible for the article I cited earlier), had this rebuttal to
Andrew four years ago:


Do NOT disable the page file executive except for trouble shooting.

You will simply lose the use of a substantial part of RAM to no
purpose at all.

That setting will only be on 1 if someone has mistakenly set it


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