Re: Repartition C and D drives


If I were MN Mom I would try the other solutions I suggested before
contemplating resizing partitions.


Hope this helps.

Stourport, England
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Bill in Co. wrote:
But it would probably be easier for him to use something like
Partition Magic, although he'd have to purchase it. And as you
have noted below, BootItNG (BING) isn't the easiest one for a novice
to use.
Gerry wrote:
Not unless you use third party software.

There are no third party freeware partition managers. You can get
shareware for periods up to 30 days. BootIt NG is one example:

I use BootIt NG. It does not have the easiestuser interface but the
video on the web site are helpful.

Without resizing partitions you can create more free space in C by
carrying any of the measures suggested below.

The default allocation to System Restore is 12% on your C partition
which is over generous. I would reduce it to 700 mb. Right click
your My Computer icon on the Desktop and select System Restore.
Place the cursor on your C drive select Settings but this time find
the slider and drag it to the left until it reads 700 mb and exit.
When you get to the Settings screen click on Apply and OK and exit.

A default setting which could be wasteful is that for temporary
internet files, especially if you do not store offline copies on
disk. The default allocation is 3% of drive. Depending on your
attitude to offline copies you could reduce this to 1% or 2%. In
Internet Explorer select Tools, Internet Options, General, Temporary
Internet Files, Settings to make the change. At the same time look
at the number of days history is held.

The default allocation for the Recycle Bin is 10 % of drive. Change
to 5%, which should be sufficient. In Windows Explorer place the
cursor on your Recycle Bin, right click and select Properties, Global
move the slider from 10% to 5%. However, try to avoid letting it get
too full as if it is full and you delete a file by mistake it will
bypass the Recycle Bin and be gone for ever.

If your drive is formatted as NTFS another potential gain arises with
your operating system on your C drive. In the Windows Directory of
your C partition you will have some Uninstall folders in your Windows
folder typically: $NtServicePackUninstall$ and $NtUninstallKB282010$
etc. These files may be compressed or not compressed. If compressed
the text of the folder name appears in blue characters. If not
compressed you can compress them. Right click on each folder and
select Properties, General, Advanced and check the box before
Compress contents to save Disk Space. On the General Tab you can see
the amount gained by deducting the size on disk from the size.
Folder compression is only an option on a NTFS formatted drive /

Select Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System
Information, Tools, Dr Watson and verify that the box before "Append
to existing log" is NOT checked. This means the next time the log is
written it will overwrite rather than add to the existing file.

The default maximum size setting for Event Viewer logs is too large.
Reset the maximum for each log from 512 kb to 128 kb and set it to

You can generate more space in the system partition by relocation of

For Temporary Internet Files select Start, Control Panel, Internet
Options, Temporary Internet Files. Settings, Move Folder.

To move the Outlook Express Store Folder select in Outlook Express
Tools, Options, Maintenance, Store Folder, Change.

How to Change the Default Location of the My Documents Folder:

You may also need to change Default File locations in the Microsoft
Office programmes you choose to move the My Documents folder. For
Word go to Tools, Options, File Locations, highlight Documents,
click on Modify and change file path. For Excel go to Tools,
Options, General and change default file path.

My Documents is one of a number of system created Special Folders
including My Pictures and My Music. These can more easily be
relocated using Tweak Ui. Download TweakUI, one of the MS powertoys,
from here: In
TweakUi select My Computer, Special Folders. You can scroll down
to see the full list of Special Folders to the left of the Change
Location button.


Hope this helps.

Stourport, England
Enquire, plan and execute

MN Mom wrote:
I'm running out of room on my C drive (at 14% w/2.26gb left) but
have 90% w/167gb left on my D drive. Can I add more space from the
D drive to the C drive without reformatting everything? PLEASE