Re: Unknown File in Windows Temp

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I have a file in C:Windows\Temp listed as WFV2.tmp. It is 35,996 kb in size and cannot be deleted in normal windows mode. Upon rebooting in Safe mode, it is not listed. I have run a scan with McAfee in windows and in DOS with the SuperDat. Neither shows any infection. I am not too concerned as a result but was wondering if anyone has an idea as to what program might be utilizing this file so that it cannot be deleted. Thanks in advance!!

I am using Windows XP SP3 in case that helps.

WFV2.tmp is probably a temporary file, and is created by a program that starts automatically, every time you boot your computer into normal Windows XP mode. If you use Notepad to view the content of the file, you may obtain clues to its provenance.

Also, try a Google search against WFV*.tmp.

It appears that the McAfee Anti-Virus Scanning Engine 5.3.00 (in McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i) creates WFV* temporary files, every time a computer boots into normal Windows XP mode. Have a look at the following pages: