RE: Unknown File in Windows Temp

Hi Warren;

Unfortunatly file names mean very little, since both you and malware can
change file names easily. It is a bit suspicious though that it either moved
or changed it's name, so I'd suggest you run a couple of the on-line scanners
in SAFE mode with networking to assist McAfee in determining that your system
is really clean:

Best of luck, Warren.
Regards, Dave

"Warren" wrote:

I have a file in C:Windows\Temp listed as WFV2.tmp. It is 35,996 kb in size
and cannot be deleted in normal windows mode. Upon rebooting in Safe mode,
it is not listed. I have run a scan with McAfee in windows and in DOS with
the SuperDat. Neither shows any infection. I am not too concerned as a
result but was wondering if anyone has an idea as to what program might be
utilizing this file so that it cannot be deleted. Thanks in advance!!

I am using Windows XP SP3 in case that helps.


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