Re: Problem shutting down the machine

I would show the computer to a professional. You may have a failing power supply, which a professional can easily test.

You can also look at Event Viewer, to see if any problems were recorded.
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backpacker wrote:
On several occasions now (5+), my machine refuses to shut down.

1. The problem is not reproducible at will. It happens occasionally
but not every time (say once every three times the machine has been
switched on)

2. The machine does not seem to be spinning on disk

3. cntl-alt-del does not help. It does *not* bring up the task manager
- but the icon for it does appear on the right hand bottom section of
the screen

4. I cannot start other apps.. However, I can reattempt to switch off
the computer. After a long wait, sometimes an end task screen appears
- for explorer.exe (not that I ran the app, but I guess it is probably
there in the start up menu), task manager, connections tray. Inspite
of ending these programs, the machine waits there with a blank

5. I have waited over 15 minutes but the machine does not shut down.
No messages (such as installing updates or anything else) appear on
the screen.

Suggestions on how to identify the problem as well as to fix it will
be appreciated.


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