Re: removable storage not running (windows XP backup)

My service is set to manual but I have gotten this message on several
machines. Windows XP SP3 if that helps. I start the service and it is set
to manual and I still get the error. The backup in Windows won't run to
backup files. Any ideas? Thank you.

"Mark Dormer" wrote:

tlfmd wrote:
so how did it get set to disable? it USED to work...
and why swouldn't the error message send me there.. help had no
reference to this

"Mark Dormer" wrote:

"tlfmd" <tlfmd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I get this message when trying to amend Backup... It used to work OK
I have Seagate Freeagent and can find in Explorer, read or look at
files and pictures, send files to the drive as in manually backup
but cannot get Backup to recognize its availability.
I can even manually transfer copies of files to it.
How do I tell Backup that it is there and to use it?

That message appears when the Removable Storage service is set to

Open the Services MMC (Start-Run-type "services.msc")
Select the Removable Storage service, right click-Properties set
Startup type "manual".

Mark Dormer

I have no idea and little chance of figuringout what changed a setting on
your PC.

Error messages are generally poor on most things.
You need a decoder ring to work out whast they really mean! ;-)

Mark Dormer


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