Re: Not able to open any non-microsoft program and neither control panel

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I have Windows XP SP2 and it has been working quite well for the past
2 years. For the past 2 weeks, Im having issues in not being able to
open any non-microsoft programs like Adobe, Mozilla Fire-fox and no
exe file can be opened. Even the items available under control panel
does NOT open. The message I get is  "The file does not have a program
associated with it for performing an action. Create an association in
the Folder Options control panel".

Note Im able to open any existing Excel/Word document but cannot open
any new document from start-programs and neither by going to the
program folder. I do notice that if I click on an already created
Adobe document then it does open up. Im able to open up IE 7.0 through
an icon in desktop but cannot open through the icons on the task bar
area (near start button)

Background: - I had installed Spybot-Search and Destroy more than a
year back and steadily I started seeing my computer slow down. I
decided to check the start-up processes throug MSCONFIG and noticed
certain irrelevant programs (dont remember names but confirmed it
through search in internet) and turned them off. During this process I
might have inadvertently turned off some valid processes (my mistake)

After the above exercise when I restarted my computer as usual Spybot
displayed messages asking whether to allow change in registry values
or not and this time around I clicked on no thinking that all changes
should be made.

Since then no program works fact I cant even click on date
option in right hand botto of desk bar (I do have admin rights).

I tried reinstalling Windows XP by using the CD and from within
Windows but the startup.exe doesnt work.

When I try re-installing Windows while computer booting process (F8)
then it does go in to preparation mode (blue screen) with lower bar
indicating that it reading different files like RAID, SCSI etc but
after 3 minutes : -

a) displays a message that no attached SCSI, CD-rom drives were found
(strange because the set-up process is happening through CD/DVD ROM

b) When I ignored the above message it then displays a new message
saying no hard-drves were detected and it will have to quit set-up.

Btw...when I do a normal botting without Windows XP CD-ROM windows
loadsup but before displaying the user log on it displays a meassge
saying a file called Autochk.exe could not be located/loaded (within
system root folder).

Pls suggest what to do.


I want to add one point. When I try to reinstall using CD booting
process (F8) and the MS dos portion of se-up begins...a message comes
in bottom for "press F6 if you need to install any third-party or RAID
drivers." and I do have a RAID driver. But inspite of continually
pressing on F6 nothing happens and it proceeds further?


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