Re: Cannot run most applications in XP

insufficient info but you can always try restore to previous day or so and
see if you have any luck. hopefully your new install did not wipe out the
need restore point.
"Vanz" <Vanz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Ok, I tried to search other threads for any solution for this problem but
none were helping me so I thought I'd post one. I don't really know what
happend but this one day when I tried to open some applications (such as
Winamp, YM, IE and even System Restore) won't run or more like nothing
happens. There's no error message or anything that shows me what the
is. I've installed Anti-malware, Anti-spyware, registry booster then found
lot of errors, repaired it but it still didn't solve my problem. I am
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2002. If anyone knows of any solution
help me out. Thanks!


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