Re: Trouble installing intunes and Quicktime for multiple user account

On Sat, 7 Jun 2008 14:13:00 -0700, OC wrote in message

Hello, I am trying to install updates of itunes and quicktime for 4 users on
my XP Home edition pc. The updates install without problem on the main admin
account. The program will not install on the remaining 3 user accounts. The
icons appear on the desktop but when you click on them they begin to try to
install "please wait while windows configs itunes". Then I get a msg
"problem w/ shortcut" "fatal error during installation". The older versions
of itunes and quicktime worked on all user accounts. Any help appreciated

If you search for "itunes.exe" and click on it, does iTunes open? You may
have to rebuild the shortcuts for the 3 user acounts.