Re: How to move a notebook WinXP installation to new hard disc ?

Eugen Austermann wrote:
I want to change my current hard disc in my notebook to another one.

However I want to preserve my current WinXP installation.

How can I copy my C: (and D: partition) from the old to the new hard disc
so that the new hard disc can replace the old one WITHOUT having to newly install WinXP ?

In my notebook fits only 1 hard disc.

I could imagine a solutioon similar to

1.) boot by a DVD LiveCD/Toold CD 2.) copy Part C: with a 3rd party tool/utility over USB to an external hard disc
3.) shutdown
4.) replace the notebooks hard disc
5.) reboot the LiveCD/ToolCD and restore the saved partition from the external USB hard disc

Which tool is recommendable for such an operation?


Never tried this myself!
But did many similar jobs.

You could buy an adapter that enables you to connect a laptop disk to a regular computer.
(I have such adapters myself)

Make a backup of the whole laptop harddisk with an utility like HDCLONE storing this backup on the main harddisk of your computer.
(I use HDCLONE myself. It's a very userfriendly utility that is started from a floppy and copies sector by sector.)

Replace old laptop harddisk by new one.
Write the backup to the new laptop harddisk.